You all heard about medicine Tramadol.

Very strong pain killer, when other pain killers don’t help you should try Tramadol. Tramadol medicine belongs to a group of analgesic medicines. Tramadol is produced and sold in a form of a pill. You can buy Tramadol pills over the web and at almost every drugstore. With Tramadol pills’ package you will get instructions with recommended doses you should take. You probably know that you don’t need a doctor’s  prescription to buy it.

Does it mean you shouldn’t visit a doctor before you decide to buy and take Tramadol?

No it doesn’t. You should go and consult your doctor before you take Tramadol, and here is why:

Doses prescription

As we said earlier in this article, you don’t need a doctor’s prescription to buy Tramadol, list of recommended doses comes with pills package. You should know that this recommended doses are made only according to the patient weight. There are many more factors that should be considered before the proper dose is determined for each patient. This is one of the reasons you should visit a doctor before you start take Tramadol or any other medicine. Doctor will consider your weight, your age, your way of living, your health condition and other factors before prescribing you the exact dose you should take. Once you have exact prescribed dose don’t change it on your own, don’t take more or less unless doctor tells you otherwise.

Health issues

There are certain situations when you shouldn’t take Tramadol medicine. This is very important, because taking a medicine you shouldn’t take can cause severe medical problems. This is also one of the reasons you should visit a doctor before you take Tramadol medicine. If you have allergic reactions to some medicines, your doctor will know if it is risky for you to take Tramadol medicine. If you had or you have problem with alcohol you probably shouldn’t take Tramadol. Your doctor will evaluate the situation and then give recommendation should you or should you not take Tramadol medicine. If you have a history of narcotics usage you mustn’t take Tramadol medicine. These are very important information and very important safety issues, and there is no better way to find out about them then to hear it from your doctor.


You should visit your doctor before you take Tramadol medicine, but you should also schedule periodic health exam consultation. Doctor will inform you about the potential risks that come with Tramadol medicine usage. Doctor will monitor your health state during Tramadol treatment and will change a prescribed dose if it’s needed.

End of treatment

Using Tramadol pills can develop a “taking habit”. This can happen if you take Tramadol pills for a longer period. If you developed “taking habit” and decide to stop Tramadol treatment you will see it’s not that easy. Once you decide to stop Tramadol treatment doctor will reduce your of Tramadol dose periodically, and then after body adjustments you will stop using Tramadol medicine for good.