This is a very important warning so it should be stated clearly. You should never take Tramadol with alcohol. The combination activates certain dangerous side effects. It is already bad enough that alcohol usually suppresses the positive effects of Tramadol in the body, the high likelihood of side effects makes it worse. If anyone takes Tramadol for mental illness, the presence of alcohol in the body will lead to some side effects that will make the illness even worse.

Taking both Tramadol and alcohol will worsen chronic pain. Ultram that is quite related to the active ingredient in Tramadol and alcohol, is a strong depressant and it has serious effects on the central nervous system. While pain reliever will try to relieve you of the pain, alcohol will slow down the process. So, you should not combine alcohol with Tramadol at all.

Consuming alcohol while you are still being treated with Tramadol can lead to serious health issues like dizziness, drowsiness, poor nervous coordination, partial or full loss of memory, just to mention a few. In worse cases, their combination can slow down both heart and breathing rate. It is needless to remind you that this could lead to passing out or sudden death. So, is it really worth it? No fun is worth your life. You should be able to resist the temptation of taking alcohol when you are on Tramadol.

Make no mistake about it, Tramadol has been endorsed by FDA because it is safe and effective for pains and other medical conditions. However, combining it with alcohol is the problem as it brings out the bad side effects of the drug. When you combine the two, it is both alcohol abuse and Tramadol abuse. In fact, alcohol consumption is already bad for people suffering from anxiety disorder, let alone combining it Tramadol.

If you are among the people who may not be able to stay away completely from alcohol while being treated with Tramadol, you may need to seek your doctor’s advice. He may lower the Tramadol dosage for you and also give you the amount of alcohol that is safe for you. Nevertheless, he won’t be able to completely rule out the possibility of side effects occurring, so he will list out the possible side effects.

So, when your doctor intends to place you on Tramadol, it is important to let him know how much alcohol you take on a daily basis and to also let him know why it may be difficult for you to abstain completely from alcohol. Your physician may guide you on how to gradually get off alcohol. Finding out that the combination of both Tramadol and alcohol could cause sudden death is often enough to scare some alcohol drinkers away from it.

Apart from the side effects mentioned above, the combination of both Tramadol and alcohol can also lead to seizure disorder. Apart from alcohol, it is not also recommended for you to take another medication while on Tramadol. This is also very dangerous as Tramadol can react badly when it comes in contact with another drug. The kinds of drugs that should never be combined with Tramadol are pain relievers, anxiety drugs, seizure drugs, and drugs for erectile dysfunction like Cialis and Viagra. This is why it is better to involve your doctor in your use of Tramadol.

The worst side effect of Tramadol is suicidal thought. You may begin to have funny thought of suicide when you take Tramadol and combining the drug with alcohol can increase suicide risk. The combination of both Tramadol and alcohol can slow down the activity of brain nerves and this can lead to death.

In conclusion, it is never a good idea to combine Tramadol with alcohol and if you have already done so, quickly contact your doctor if you notice any of the side effects mentioned above. Most importantly, never take Tramadol without your doctor’s guide.