You can write as many articles as you wish about any medication out there, but there is never a chance that you will be able to cover absolutely everything that people would like to know. For instance, you might spend thousands of words talking about the interactions with different medications and some people will still want to know precisely what kind of a cough syrup they can take if they are using Tramadol for instance. This is why we decided to write up a FAQ article on Tramadol in which we will answer some commonly asked and some less commonly asked questions about Tramadol, that incredible painkiller.

Question 1: Can Tramadol be used for depression?

Answer 1: This is a very complex question to answer. In any case, you should never be treating depression with Tramadol unless your doctor has prescribed it. The thing is that Tramadol was never intended to be used in treating depression, but as the experts have found out in years of experience, it does have a surprisingly beneficial effect on certain patients with depression. It has been shown to be exceptionally in certain cases, but this is still not one of the most common uses for Tramadol.

Question 2: Can I drink alcohol when using Tramadol?

Answer 2: Absolutely not. You could probably take one unit of alcohol safely, but anything more than that is playing with fire. For one, Tramadol can depress respiratory system and alcohol can do the same in larger quantities. Together, this can lead to a life-threatening slowdown in respiration. In addition to this, even the smallest of dosages, the combination of Tramadol and alcohol can lead to severe side effects that you will want to avoid at all costs.

Question 3: Is it true that I can get addicted to Tramadol?

Answer 3: As we have very little experience with the social aspects of dependence to Tramadol and the terminology that is needed to say that something is an addiction in the full sense of the word, we will keep things on dependence. Yes, Tramadol can cause dependence. It is a centrally acting painkiller and as such it can cause a certain dependence. In addition to this, it boosts levels of certain chemicals that can also lead to dependence. This is best avoided by sticking with the recommended regimen, but it is still possible to develop dependence, especially if you have been taking Tramadol for a long time. In such situations, it is best to gradually discontinue the medication with a little help from your doctor who will slowly taper down your dosages.

Question 4: Can I drive after I have taken Tramadol?

Answer 4: This depends from one person to the other. While some people are positively knocked out even from the smallest dose of Tramadol, there are those who will feel absolutely no impairment upon ingesting this drug. Of course, those who experience any impairment should not drive under any circumstances as they are not only putting their lives at danger but the lives of others as well.