Pain is the one term that makes many people cringe. This is perhaps each person would have probably suffered from pain at some point in their life. But unlike the older generation we need to not suffer from pain, as with the advancement of medical sciences we have many potent pain killer pills that effectively do the job of removing pain and suffering from our lives. Tramadol and Celebrex are two of the top most pain medication in the market today. So who will be the winner of the brawl tramadol vs celebrex when we do a performance comparison? Read on to know the answer.

Uses of tramadol

It is an opioid pain killer that is the most prescribed pill for treating chronic pain of different types. This is a very common pain medicine that comes to people’s mind when they notice any pain sensations in the body. Many people get to the doctor at the earliest to get their dose of this pain medicine. The reason being, this pill works in a very short time to reduce the pain. And since it can be used for many different types of pain, you can just go for this pill without being perplexed about whether it is suitable for your type of pain or not. It works on the central nervous system to block pain sensations in the body. But the real mechanism of how this pill actually abates pain is still a topic of debate in the medical field. It can even be used for dental pain which is not the case for most pain killers. It also comes in various forms such as pill, injection, extended release capsule. So people who find it uncomfortable to swallow a tablet can opt for injection and people who tremble when they hear the word injection can go for the less painful tablet version. But it is easy to get this medicine in the pill formulation rather than the liquid one because with the liquid version there is a very high chance of overdose. So it should only be taken under the supervision of a doctor.

Uses of Celebrex

This pain killer is inclined more towards treating inflammation rather than pain. But it is not to say that this pill does not cure pain. It does help with certain episodes of pain. But it is known be selective in terms of which pain it treats. It is most effective for treating arthritis pain and inflammation. It can be employed for treating both rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. It works similar to an over the counter drug named ibuprofen. But the drug is prohibited for use in people who have a history of heart problems.

Tramadol vs celebrex

So, to give a conclusion on which pain killer to choose from, tramadol works for severe chronic to moderate pain while celebrex is the best pill for arthritis pain. The former is known to have slightly higher side effects and it also has a great potential for addiction than the latter pain med. It does not go easy on people if they use if for longer periods. They become physically dependant to it in the long run. But celebrex however, tends to be inefficient for certain types of pain. But in terms of withdrawal symptoms it has far less when compared to tramadol. Hence the choice of the pill depends on the degree of pain and whether the pain is accompanied by inflammation or not. But neither pill is safe for women who are pregnant. Even women who have just given birth should stay away from pain killers as it is known to pass into the breast milk.