Are you a person who suffers from a condition that causes severe pain in the body? Do you ever know how to deal with the pain? Do you know what you should do to overcome pain? Taking pain killer might be a solution. Though this is not a cure for pain, this can be done in order to spend the day without the pain. codeine and tramadol are two pain relief medications that are best in the medical world. These medications are not used to treat mild cases in pain but are used when the patient experiences severe pain. The severe pain mentioned here represents that a person would find it hard to do even little things and would find it very difficult to move throughout a day.

Though these medications are used in treating pain, both of them are different.


Tramadol is a medication that belongs to a class of medications known as opiate agonists. This drug works in a certain mechanism that it changes the way a person experiences pain in the body. There is a wide spread of talk that tramadol medication is a NSAID but actually it is not.


Codeine drug is an opioid-based pain reliever. In some cases, the opioid is also referred to as narcotic. In some countries, it is illegal to have any product that contains this substance in it. Codeine can also be used to treat pain which is mild to severe as well as can be taken to treat other purposes.

Which is the best option? Codeine or tramadol

It is difficult to conclude which is the best. There are so much that has to be considered like how severe your pain is, have you ever tried any other pain relievers in the past.
The reason behind this is that, if you have already taken other pain killers there are chances that you would develop more tolerance. In this case, you have to take higher dosage strength to experience some effect on you.
Another important factor is that you should also consider how the medication works. One medication would help you to minimize the pain whereas other medication would help to eliminate the pain. Both these medications are little expensive but can work in an effective way.

Which medication triggers lower side effects?

When you take codeine or tramadol, you would experience some side effect if they are not taken in a right way. This is the reason why you have to take these medications in a proper manner in order to minimize the effects.

  • You should not mix these medications with other drugs.
  • Take the dosage strength of either codeine or tramadol exactly as prescribed by the doctor.
  • You have to store the medication in a proper way to ensure that it can provide its effectiveness completely.
  • A patient should not take these medications for a longer period of time. This would definitely lead to developing tolerance on the medication as well as addiction.